Monday, November 4, 2013

The Mobbies 2013: Vote for Observational Studies

The Mobbies
vote for my blog in the mobbies early and often Brendan and I have, for years, had fun sharing our often farfetched ideas about sports and then backing them up with a little bit of research. We love finding statistics and trends in our favorite games to watch and play. We joked for a long time that we should start a blog so that everyone can hear our ideas and share their perspectives. We finally did just that a few months ago, and we're very appreciative of everyone that has taken the time to read our writing and let us know what they think.

I want to thank everyone who has read, shared, retweeted, and responded to any of our posts. I hope that we've been able to share something new with you or that we've helped you get to a great new bar, and I hope that we can continue to offer content worth reading!

Observational Studies has been nominated for Best New Blog in the Baltimore Sun's 2013 Mobbies Awards. If you've enjoyed (or hated) anything we've put out there, we would really appreciate your valuable vote. If you know someone that would like our writing, please share our site with them and encourage them to vote too! Click on any link in this paragraph or the badge on any of our pages to vote.

Thanks for everything!


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